The Lobster

Colin Farrell、Léa Seydoux、Rachel Weisz、Ben Whishaw。


Company Profile

 In 2001, the movie production company: Double Edge Entertainment Inc. was founded in America. The motto for Double Edge Entertainment Inc. was: The Window of Asia in Hollywood. Double Edge Entertainment Inc. used to invest in American independent films/animation/3G titles.

 In 2004, Mr. Bobby Sheng saw the trend of the uprising Taiwanese cinema, so he went back to Taiwan, and formed a new company: Double Edge Entertainment Corp., with the shareholders, such as: BenQ Corporation, Softstar Entertainment Inc. , Executive Yuan, Joy Media Group. Double Edge Entertainment Corp. tried to utilize its experience in the production field so that Taiwan can be a well-known place for producers.

 In 2007, Double Edge Entertainment Corp. co-produced & financed 3 feature films: "Smother", "The Women", "King of Fighters" plus a thriller, a comedy, and a horror feature -- all 6 films was filmed in Asia.

 Starting 2011, Double Edge Entertainment Corp. co-produced and co-distributed Asian titles like: "The Soul of Bread", "Mayday 3DNA", "Partners In Crime", "Second Chance" and "The Bridge Curse". Double Edge Entertainment Corp. would like to expend the cinematic business into Asian territories like: China, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

 Now, Double Edge Entertainment Corp.'s distribution division specializes in cinema for theatrical, television and home entertainment in Taiwan.